Thursday, May 1, 2014

2013 - 2014 Brief Flyers Season Recap

Well the flyers season in really over, and this really saddens my heart...but I want to be somewhat positive with this recap, so here are some good things:

1-After the start that the flyers had this year, I will take the play-off appearance.
2-G really came on at the end of the season, and even while the Rangers used almost their whole team to stop him during he play-offs, he was still able to put up points.
3-Chief did a great job on turning the team around, I just wonder how long this will last. If we all remember Lavy did the same, and eventually the effect wore off.
4-The Flyers FINALLY have a goalie, and don't need to address that this offseason.  I just gave a sigh of relief as I wrote this.  Ready for this Flyers fans: we have a word called stability in net.  You might have to look it up in the dictionary to know what it means.
5-We have some solid young defenseman in the system, which is something I have not been able to write (or say for that matter) for a number of years.
6-The depth we have in the areas of forwards is incredible, especially at center.

Now here are the bad things:

1-Our defense, good grief.  This might require another write up later, because I even need time to think through what I would do.
2-Yet another huge signing this past offseason (Vinny), and he didn't even at all in the 3rd period....At least Bryz, like played (maybe poorly, but he did at least play).
3-Homer is going to feel the need to make moves this summer (which he probably should), but Homer will be making the moves, so yeah........
4-We were eliminated by the freaking Rangers, and to make matters worse, Bryz is in the second round with the wild (Remember Simmons reaction at the end of the game just before he went through the line to shake hands, yeah that's what I just did)
5-Honestly, it sucks being out of the most exciting time, and watching Richards and Carter still playing...
6-With the comeback this year it still literally hurts that the season is over...I just felt that there was a certain kind of magic with these flyers....they were the comeback kids....but I guess each comeback story has an ending, whether it is happy or sad....#clutchtime is now over....maybe next year it will be #doitforkimmo (if he comes back, which leads to my next and final point)...

Kimmo gets his own section:
7-Finally, Kimmo is more than likely done...this really sucks and hurts....I feel so bad for the guy...He is my favorite Flyer, and my favorite player I have seen play (he might not be the best defenseman to ever play, but he was a good hockey player, and a great guy).  I remember the day that the flyers announced they had acquired his services.   I was so happy, I went around my house screaming (literally).  I will continue to wear his Winter Classic jersey with pride moving forward.
CLOSING: I know it hurts now the day after being eliminated from a chance to lift Lord Stanley's Cup, but this is going to be an interesting offseason, that is for sure.  Flyers fans of my generation (20's - 40's) are famous for saying, "There's always next year", but it's true...and we will all be ready come out screaming and cheering next season....That quote will probably be on my gravestone, but that's ok....As always, GO FLY GUYS!!!!!

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